About Me

A fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant with years of experience!

About Myself

I am a fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant and after a long career in senior financial positions in industry I established my own practice as a forensic accountant and expert witness.

The skills I acquired during my career have been recognised with the award of Chartered Manager status and have given me a thorough understanding of how business works providing a practical and pragmatic basis to expert forensic accounting reports.

With the benefit of Bond Solon training my experience in forensic accounting is recognised with full membership of the Academy of Experts and the Society of Share and Business Valuers.

Regulated by three chartered institutes I offer through BM Forensics a forensic accounting and expert witness founded on:

  • Professionalism – applying standards established by regulatory bodies
  • Trustworthiness – highest ethical standards backed by statutory and regulatory principles
  • Experience and expertise – recognised by professional and industry institutions
  • Speed of delivery – standard turnaround time of 4 weeks but short notice instructions accepted.

I offer my services on national basis and accept instructions funded by legal aid.



Founder and Principal

  • Professional and Academic qualifications
  • M A Hons University of Dundee
  • Fellow – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • Global Chartered Management Accountant
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and Chartered Manager
  • Member of the Academy of Experts
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management
  • Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Accreditations
  • Academy of Experts Accredited Expert
  • ICAEW Expert Scheme
  • UK Register of Expert Witnesses vetted member
  • Society of Share and Business Valuers member

Business Career

Extensive experience in a wide variety of industries and business forms as Chief Financial Officer with responsibilities for financial stewardship, treasury, corporate planning, strategy and restructuring and corporate governance.

What is a forensic accountant and what can they do for you?

A Forensic Accountant has a combination of skills and expertise which can provide invaluable service to assist lawyers in a wide range of legal disputes.

High levels of technical ability are of course a must but in addition a forensic accountant needs analytical skills, business knowledge, understanding of the legal framework and the role of expert witnesses, diligence and determination and the ability to express complex and convoluted matters in terms which enable those with no financial skills to understand the issues.

A forensic accountant will use his combination of skills to identify the key issues in a case, undertake the detailed analysis needed explain its significance to the court to enable informed decisions and judgements to be made.

The following are examples of how a forensic accountant can assist.

  • Funds tracking and tracing to identify the sources and destination of funds moving through multiple accounts eliminating inter- account transfers
  • Assessing the quantum of losses incurred by individuals and businesses in personal injury cases and fraudulent activity
  • Providing a considered opinion on the value of businesses and assets according to IVSC principles for financial remedy cases and shareholder disputes
  • Valuing personal and business assets in Proceeds of Crime Act actions
  • Explaining and analysing transactions in the cryptocurrency markets and markets regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Act
  • Explaining the nature and operation of financial products such as derivatives and investigating lifestyle and earnings in relation to financial remedy and child maintenance cases
  • Client Representation in CMS hearings and appeals.