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Standard turnaround time of 4 weeks but short notice instructions accepted

What I do

I Cover an Array of Individual & Corporate Forensic Accounting Services

Financial Investigation and Analysis

Analysing bank statements, tax returns and business accounts to value losses, fraud  or financial worth in criminal, civil and personal injury cases.

Funds Tracing

Analysing financial records to establish the source of funds and where they have gone to; locating and releasing lost funds.

Business Valuation

Valuing shareholdings and financial interests in businesses for potential sale, shareholder disputes and divorce settlements.


Investigating financial records for Child Maintenance Service claims and appeals, Client Representation; advice and support in reclaiming care home fees.

About Me

I am a fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant and after a long career in senior financial positions in industry I established my own practice as a forensic accountant and expert witness.

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How can a forensic accountant help you?

A forensic accountant has a combination of skills and expertise which can provide invaluable service to assist lawyers in a wide range of legal disputes. High levels of technical ability are of course a must but in addition a forensic accountant needs analytical skills, business knowledge, understanding of the legal framework and the role of expert witnesses, diligence and determination and the ability to express complex and convoluted matters in terms which enable those with no financial skills to understand the issues.

Civil Cases

‘In a contractual dispute between limited companies by working jointly with another expert I was able to reach a consensus of a loss range of £215,000 to £242,000 from disputed extremes of £130,000 and £539,000.’

Family Cases

‘In a case of divorce as a single joint expert I reported on the value of the husband’s shareholdings in three companies and have since been proposed by one of the solicitors involved as a single joint expert on a separate case.’

Success Stories

I have helped to achieve successful results in all fields

Criminal Cases

‘In a confiscation case I was able to demonstrate that the Prosecution’s assumptions regarding the Defendant’s income were flawed and income was from legitimate activity, which included turnover from employments, transfers of funds for house purchase and sale of sundry personal effects.’

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