I offer a vast array of services in the Forensic Accounting Field!

Financial investigation and analysis

This involves thorough and detailed analysis of financial records in order to assess the financial worth of a party or to assess the value of a loss involved in a fraud case. For the Prosecution this would involve ensuring that the computations are correct and rigorous while for the Defence it would involve checking the prosecution’s calculations, testing any assumptions and identifying areas for cross examination.

Funds Tracing

This involves mapping the flow of funds between accounts to identify the source of funds and how they have been applied. This could be part of a criminal case – particularly one involving money laundering – but also fraud and defrauding the public revenue. It could also be linked to a search for funds which are believed to be lost, hidden or tied up in pensions, investments or insurance policies.

Business Valuations

These are often required as part of divorce proceedings to establish the value of a spouse’s financial interest in businesses and involves not just valuing the business but also assessing the tax implications of selling shareholdings and the consequences for the business itself. Valuations will usually be required where there are shareholder disputes. Valuations need to be carried out to IVSC standards.

Proceeds of Crime Investigations

This is a complex area where forensic accounting is needed to assess the accuracy of the Prosecution’s criminal benefit calculations and to analyse and challenge where appropriate the assumptions made on property transferred and held and on expenditure.

Cryptocurrency Analysis

The cryptocurrency market is increasingly used for criminal purposes including money laundering and forensic accounting can help the court not only understand the operations of the market but also to follow the trades.

Lifestyle Investigations

This involves analysing personal and business financial records including bank and credit card statements to match to expenditure, income declarations for tax, benefit and child maintenance and expenditure patterns.

Loss of Profits from Business Interruption

When a business suffers an event such as a flood or fire there is both a material loss of physical assets and property but also a consequential loss because the business is not able to carry on for a period of time and it incurs additional costs of for example temporary accommodation. Forensic accounting quantifies the material and consequential losses for insurance claims based on an analysis of the business financial records.

Loss of income from personal injury

Those incurring personal injuries who make a claimant against another party are able to claim loss of income or profits for periods of time they are unable to work. Motorcycle injuries are a common source of personal injury and can often be of a catastrophic nature. For employed claimants the assessment of loss is straightforward but for the self employed or company directors the calculation is more complex. Forensic accounting will analyse the trading results and assess a loss of income or profits taking into account tax implications.

Child maintenance representation and investigation

The Child Maintenance Service assesses maintenance contributions from absent parents based on income submissions. The other party can appeal if the contribution is felt to be too low and forensic accounting can investigate the financial interests of the absent parent to support an appeal and act as Client representative in the appeals process.